Thursday, 30 October 2014

Where do I even start?!

Well hello friends, I know it has been far too long. An awful lot has happened with my fibro since I last wrote. There were some low lows and many high highs but it seems, since the cold winter has set in, I'm on my way into a low low again. I had a bad winter last year but around Easter time things really changed. I started with a new physio and mixed with a successful course of CBT, I was improving at lightening speed. I said goodbye to my stick and hello to 'normal life'. I actually thought I had got to a point where I was 'better'. I was off all medication and managing to exercise ALL THE TIME!! I still had most of my symptoms but they were just massively reduced. I still had flare ups but just not as often. 
I know, it sounds like heaven doesn't it?! Well it only lasted almost four months. And now I feel life fibromyalgia has come crashing back. Breaking and entering. Torturing my poor body. Tearing away all my hard work in building my strength back up. I feel as though I am being so over dramatic but that is actually what it feels like. Does it make me weak to admit that? 
I so hope I am strong enough to rise above it. I just need to listen to my body and be kind to myself. 
So much easier said than done isn't it guys :( 
I am going to try to write more often now. And hopefully that will keep my strength up. 

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